Sunday, December 4, 2011

Woohoo...I got my new Sizzix Eclips

I am so excited to open my brand new toy...the Sizzix Eclips. Now, I am fairly new to papercrafting so everything I do is a challenge. However, prior to the Eclips, the only machine I owned was the Cricut Expression. Don't get me wrong, it's a great product. I just wanted to be able to download and cut what I want. I had heard of Sure Cuts A Lot but, also was aware that it was no longer available for purchase (unless you want to mortgage your house or something, lol). When I searched SCAL on Ebay, there were only two listings. The first listing was a buy it now item, for the bargain price of $250.00 (no, that is not a typo! It really is Two Hundred Fifty dollars). The other was for auction starting at $150. So from there that sent me on a search of something different.

Two days before Thanksgiving, I started talking to my hubby about selling my Cricut and all that is with it and purchasing this new machine. My husband is the best! You should learn that now!!! His response was to do research on it before I make any decisions.

Boy, I bet he regrets those words! The next day we had were leaving Alabama to go visit our families in Ohio. That is an 8.5 hour drive, if you don't get in to traffic. Well, guess what? The traffic was horrible! We were on the road with our three precious gifts from God (not to mention our 11 month old Yellow Lab, Windy) for 10 hours! He had to endure lots of videos, blogs, me talking, and of course children arguing and asking how much longer.

One of the reasons I wanted to blog about the Sizzix Eclips is that, I was having trouble finding people that use this machine. Most blogs are of people using the Cricut.

Anyway, I will be working hard this week on some projects and I will let you know how in love I am  with my new toy.

I must run, I need to get ready to Praise the Lord!

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