Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wood Burning

I was just talking to my husband about how I have went from no hobbies at all (except eating and shopping) to now, I want to try my hand at everything!

I also have an ornament addiction. I was on Pinterest looking at different Christmas items and I found a picture of little slices of wood burned with the words~ Peace, Hope and Love. I fell in love with the simpleness of the ornament, it was both rustic and meaningful.

My husband started turning wood on a lathe to make bowls, spinning tops and whatever else he can think of so, there was plenty of limbs around the house to have him slice up for me. I purchased a woodburning kit and the first thing I burned was a snowflake. I must say, I did not do too bad. It was a lot of fun!

As mentioned in previous posts, we have many families that are adopting within our church.  Jennifer and John are one of the families that are adopting. Jennifer is making many different items to help fund their adoption. Her blog is One Less Designs. You should check it out!  Anyway, she had made a few ornaments for herself and others showing the country/state where they were adopting.
That gave me the idea to do something similar on wood. I love them! I need to work on writing. I can tell you, writing on wood is not quite the same as writing on paper.

Ethiopia                                                               Uganda-for friends who adopted last year.

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