Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sisters in Christ, Friends for Life

I might as well introduce to you my best friend, Donna. You will hear about her in many posts because, we do many crafty things together!

Donna is one of the key people in my life that opened up the door to my crazy craft addiction. It started with sewing!

When I had my daughter in December of 2008, I did not even know her. She had started going to our church in the fall of 2008 and between illnesses and traveling, we did not meet until January 2009. Our amazing church, the Station Church, had decided to start having small group meetings. My husband and I opened our home to serve the people in our area. Well guess who started attending our small group??? You guessed it, Donna. She lives 1 mile away (if you were a bird).

Anyway back to sewing. After we met, we almost became inseparable. She made my daughter the most cutest outfit ever! Now being a single income family, money can be tight at times. Especially after having a baby one month after you buy a home! After that, I would help (I use the term help, loosely) make boutique type clothes for my sweet girl!

Then I started talking to her about making my son, Nick's birthday cake. She bakes a bunch and she is good! I told her I would like to start a tradition of making and decorating my children's birthday cakes myself. This was a two fold idea. I thought it would be nice to design and make the cake without telling my children what they were getting and I thought it would save money!!! Ha, save money, I don't think so. It just made me want cake decorating tools.

Okay, I guess I have talked enough about her for now. I know you will hear more about her in the future. I will leave you with a picture of the first cake I ever attempted and a picture of Donna and I! I was proud of what I had designed! For those of you without boys, this is supposed to look like the cards they use when boys play Bakugan.

I could keep going on and on but, I know you will hear about her more in the future.

My First Attempt! Bakugan

Donna and I at Trunk or Treat at our Church (notice the theme)

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