Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the Station Church, Kids Camp 2011

We just got back from camp on Sunday. I must say we were and still are exhausted. That being said, I can't wait until next year to do it again!

We got there Thursday afternoon and were welcomed with a monsoon and lightning storm. We sat in the car for probably 15 minutes when I posted on Facebook the following status:

Lord, I will praise you in this storm however, I have a bunch of stuff for camp I need to carry and walk a long distance. Can you give us a 15 minute break to unload?

It was not too much longer that the lightning quit and the rain became a light mist. I knew at that point, our camp was going to be Spirit led!
I am not sure which part the boys enjoyed the most. They love to swim but could not wait for Daddy to get there with their fishing poles. They loved fishing! Allie I think enjoyed the playground and the craft the most. She also LOVES to clap and dance during worship time! I think all of us adult could use a lesson from her on how to praise the Lord during worship. lol

There was so much at camp that I enjoyed. I loved being with the girls. The first day I told one of the young ladies that my boys were here but, I was going to miss my daughter. The young girl told me she would be my daughter during camp. Made my heart smile! :) I loved taking pictures of all the children having fun, worshiping God and learning to love Him more. I enjoyed watching our preschoolers pray after a long hike to the cross. RJ had us all trying not to laugh out loud while he sang God our Father at the top of his lungs. I enjoyed the craft watching Jamie help Nathan. Great father-son time.

Camp ended on Sunday morning where we continued to praise the Lord with our youth praise band, Enshadowed, singing Jesus Freak (a song that was made before they were even born, ha). Sunday evening we had a baptism scheduled for those who asked Jesus into their heart. What a beautiful way to end the 2011 camp!

Nathan praying after the hike to the cross.

Allie enjoying herself outside.

Nathan with the cross in the background.
Nick making his cross craft.

the Station Church, Kids Camp 2011

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